It Takes Little to Be Big

Mentoring is a purposeful, effective and rewarding way to have a direct and lasting impact on a child’s life. The Big Brothers Big Sisters at the Y mentoring programs serve youth (littles) who have been identified by parents/guardians, school counselors and other adults as needing the steady, predictable presence of a caring responsible adult mentor (bigs) in their lives. 

With more than 800 youth on our waiting list, our need for mentors, especially men, is great. Join the Y as we partner with youth, volunteers, families, and the community to make a difference. There are many ways to participate as a volunteer mentor at the Y.

Watch this 30 second video to get a better idea of just how little it takes to be a big.

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Y Membership: One of the Many Benefits of Mentoring at the Y

Being a part of a supportive, active, and caring community is essential to good health and well-being. That’s why all Y mentoring program participants and their families (for both the mentor and the mentee) automatically receive a Y family membership with the mentoring program. The membership continues at no additional cost throughout the duration of your program participation.

Use your membership for a variety of activities to bond with your mentor/mentee and use it with your own family for healthy, active fun.


Ongoing Volunteer Support through Every Step

Volunteers undergo a screening process to help create safe, meaningful, and lasting relationships. Acceptance and enrollment time varies in length based on your matchability and the outcome of your screening. The screening process includes: 

  • Completing an online inquiry
  • Completing pre-volunteer online training 
  • Completing an in-person or virtual interview
  • Clearing a national background check

If accepted to be matched, trained associates provide you with ongoing support for the duration of your mentoring relationship.

Our Programs

Our program supports many forms of mentoring including community-based, employee-sponsored, college/career readiness, therapeutic, and sports.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters at the Y (BBBSY): One-to-one supportive mentoring in the community.

    A one-to-one professionally supported mentoring program for youth ages 14-17 designed to provide consistent, caring positive role modeling and supportive guidance. Mentoring takes place based on the individual mentor/mentee desired schedule in a Y family center or around the community. Mentor/mentee matches meet regularly to engage in healthy positive activities (such as sports, board games, arts & crafts) which lead to trusting, long-term relationships which help build confidence and self-esteem. Currently, we are only matching students at Y Community Schools

    Time Commitment: Engagement 2-3 times per month for at least one year.
  • Employee-Sponsored Mentoring: Employers provide rewarding opportunities for employees to volunteer as mentors. All activities can be customized.

    Beyond School Walls: Corporate partners host elementary or middle school students twice a month at their place of work, for 90 minutes each visit. Students gain a mentor and an early introduction to the workplace environment. A BBBSY Site Specialist is present.

    Bigs in School: Mentors from corporate partners travel to a nearby elementary/middle school or community center to spend an hour every other week with their mentee, participating in interactive and enriching activities over lunch. A BBBSY Site Specialist is present.

    STARS Peer-to-Peer Mentoring: STARS mentoring provides evidence-based high school mentoring focused on college and career readiness. This program matches mentors from corporate partners or from the general community with high school students and is intended to keep students on track for graduation and success. Mentors and mentees meet for 2 hours monthly at a nearby Y Community School, Y family center, or the high school. A BBBSY Site Specialist is present.

    For more information on how your company can participate in employee-sponsored mentoring, please complete this Employee-Sponsored Mentoring Inquiry Form.
  • Reach & Rise: One-to-one and group therapeutic mentoring.

    A professionally supported mentoring program for youth ages 7-17. Mentors work closely with a case worker to assist with addressing clearly identified needs and objectives. Matches meet 1-3 hours a week in the community or at a Y family center to participate in Y activities.

    Time Commitment: Weekly engagement for one year.
  • Badges for Baseball: Building positive connections between youth and law enforcement.

    A mentoring program where youth, community members and law enforcement join forces to play and learn, all while building positive connections. During this 6-week program, law enforcement officers and community volunteers mentor youth through team sports to teach valuable life lessons.

    Time Commitment: Six weeks