The Best Project You'll Ever Work on is You

Project You is a fun, 8-week, transformative wellness program focused on being your best self! 

Each week, participants with similar goals refocus on their wellness journey with the support and guidance of a Y Coach. You'll be motivated by fun weekly sessions and be inspired by the camaraderie and accountability that comes from working in a small group! But don't take our word for it; past Project You participants said it best:

"Project You is just what I needed. Being accountable to my coach and my group has made it easier to go to workouts and group exercise classes. I have my motivation back and I'm starting to see results."


"We have learned why certain exercises are beneficial and why nutrition is important. Most importantly, we have learned why investing in ourselves is important and that we are worth it!"


"Project You has helped me break through my plateau and helped me identify strengths and weaknesses in my body and nutrition."

Program Components

Project You includes:

  • Support and camaraderie
  • Nutrition accountability
  • Exercise
  • Weekly "best me" challenges
  • Daily tracking
  • Pre/post assessments

Results will vary based on individual needs but may include increased strength, energy and stamina, changes in body composition, stress relief, community building, and overall healthy living improvement.


Project You is just under $25 per week (8-week program). That's equal to approximately two and a half Starbucks runs per week.

Sign up now and focus on being your best self. 

You must be a Y member to participate.

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