Managing stress and coping during this crisis is very important. The CDC has resources and information to help. CLICK TO SEE TIPS
Your children are asking questions about Coronavirus. Here are resources for how to talk to them about the crisis.



Covibook is a short, printable, coloring (optional) book parents can use to help discuss and explain Coronavirus in an age-appropriate manner to children age 7 and under. The book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions about this public health crisis with young children and process them together. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD COVIBOOK
Parents, here's a kid-friendly video that explains why hand-washing is so important. WATCH THE VIDEO
Healthy eating is more important than ever. Explore healthy recipes and discover food activities from the Y that you can do with the your family. CLICK TO GET RECIPES
Have you stocked up non-perishable items? Use this list as your guide. SEE LIST
Visit any of these 12 famous museums from the comfort of your living room!  TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR
Play together as a family using this list of games and fun the whole family can enjoy! CLICK TO SEE GAMES
Get printable activities children of all ages will love!  CLICK TO SEE OPTIONS
What are you doing for Mommy/Daddy & Me Time? Here are 11 great ideas. SEE PARENT/CHILD ACTIVITIES
Read a book with your child. Choose from these free online books for young children. SEE ONLINE BOOKS
These activities are a great way to spend time with your infant and promote developmental skills. CLICK FOR BABY ACTIVITIES
Is your high school student applying to college? Get helpful information on how you can support them.  GET PARENT INFO ON APPLYING TO COLLEGE
Get great ideas for fun and learning for parents and children with this online activities handbook. GO TO THE ONLINE HANDBOOK
Relax with nature! Virtually transport to national parks across the county with PARKTRACKS, an immersive sound experience from the National Park Service. LISTEN TO NATURE
Relive your favorite vacation with Virtual Disney World! Experience rides, shows, parks, trains, boats and more with the whole family all from your home. No waiting in lines! GO TO DISNEY
Keep the family active with 12, 5-minute bursts of daily physical activity you can do anytime, anywhere. 12Bursts breaks down 60-minutes of activity into easy peasy fun! GO TO 12BURSTS


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