Y Youth & Government is a nationwide program, active in nearly 40 states. Across the country almost 25,000 students attend state Youth & Government conferences each year with 3,300 adult volunteers and Y associates serving as advisors.

The Maryland Youth & Government program involves 250 high school students each year. Since 1945, our program has focused on training great servant leaders and providing an opportunity for young adults  to make their voices heard.


The Y Youth & Government mission is to develop young men and women into strong leaders and better citizens by being both knowledgeable and active in determining the future of our democracy.


  • Become more aware of societal issues and solutions
  • Gain confidence in and dedication to the democratic process
  • Increase participatory leadership skills
  • Increase communication skills
  • Gain exposure to potential career options
  • Join youth leaders from around the state to debate issues that are important to you
  • Listen to fellow participants who have different life experiences
  • Research public issues and become aware of local, state, national and international concerns
  • Accept your civic responsibilities and your leadership role
  • Let your voice be heard and get involved in the decision-making process


Youth & Government is a youth-led program, but it cannot function properly without the aid of adult volunteers. Volunteers serve as advisors who maintain administrative accountability and help develop, support and supervise a delegation of students. Volunteer advisors can be teachers, parents, Y associates or any adult who is passionate about promoting teen leadership.

To become a volunteer advisor, contact your local school to see if there is a Y & G delegation in place. If there isn’t, contact the Maryland Y Youth & Government State Office at mdyandg@ymaryland.org and we will help you find (or start) a delegation in need of advisors.


Maryland Y Youth & Government is a statewide program of the Maryland Coalition of Ys. The program is administered by the Y in Central Maryland. For questions about Maryland Y Youth & Government or if you would like to bring the program to your school, Y, or community organization, please contact us.

The Maryland Y Youth & Government State Office

303 West Chesapeake Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21204
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Email: mdyandg@ymaryland.org
Website: ymaryland.org/yandg
State Director: Ryan Novo, ryannovo@ymaryland.org