Summertime and the hours before and after school are risk points for all kids but particularly so for children and youth whose families can’t afford enrollment in camp, sports, arts, and other enrichment activities that keep youth engaged, safe and learning. Along with our traditional summer camp and Before & After School Enrichment programs are an array of grant and donor funded programs specifically designed to support the particular needs of youth who have less options and are especially vulnerable to falling behind as a result.

For more information on how you or your organization can get involved with our programs, please contact Charmayne Turner at

New Horizons

Among the many excellent summer  programs the Y runs is New Horizons for middle and high school students experiencing homelessness. The program is designed to give youth a safe and supportive place to be during the summer. Our objectives are to help prevent summer learning loss, increase graduation rates, equip youth with tools to obtain employment, improve self-esteem, and build character. Youth enrolled in this program spend their mornings receiving academic support and developing life skills, like how to apply for college, look for a job and deal with stress.Their afternoons are spent in real-world job placements which include a stipend. The Y also helps make sure they have the basics for the job like soap, toothpaste and clean clothes so they can can arrive at work feeling confident and cared for. Watch the video for a deeper understanding.

After School Enrichment

Located in some of the city’s most challenged neighborhoods, these Y after school enrichment programs are intended to give kids the safety and support needed to stay positive and engaged during the critical after school hours. Attended by more than 1,000  students in schools, Y Centers and sites, youth receive academic and homework support, participate in enrichment clubs, go on field trips and interact with community leaders. Academics focused on reading, writing and math, are taught by certified teachers. The Y works with multiple collaborators to provide the enrichment component of the program such as art instruction, dance, sports, and perhaps most importantly, the message that they are loved and cared for.

College Gardens and Goodnow Community Center

This after school and summer program for elementary, middle and high school youth is located in the College Gardens and Goodnow communities. Youth receive academic and homework support, participate in enrichment clubs and field trips, interact with community leaders and enjoy family time at specially organized parent nights. The program collaborates with UMBC’s Shriver Center by providing service opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to make an impact in the lives of the young people enrolled in the College Gardens program.



Programming is available at the locations listed below. If you would like more information about a particular location, please email the site director or call our School Partnerships Office at 410-801-8156.