Invest in Baltimore's Future: Baltimore City Mission Expansion Campaign


The Y: A Vital Community Asset

Each year, more than 300,000 people are engaged with Y programs and activities in over 140 locations across central Maryland. More than 100,000 are youth under the age of 18.

We raise more than $30 million annually in financial assistance and grant subsidies to open doors of opportunity providing health, wellbeing and connectedness for children, families and adults of every background and life circumstance. This ensures the Y remains OPEN TO ALL and engages those living on the margins who struggle to get by. The Y has a long history of investing in our community and, though we endured significant financial challenges as a result of the pandemic, we also recognize that those at the bottom of the income scale need us now more than ever.

We have renewed and re-invigorated our commitment to the neighborhoods we serve, with a particular focus on catalyzing equity, health and well-being in Baltimore's most vulnerable neighborhoods. Healthy communities are an outgrowth of many factors – social connectivity, mental acuity, physical health, spiritual satisfaction, feelings of purpose, belonging and self-worth.  The Y addresses this by deploying intentional, evidence-based approaches at scale supporting people across all sectors of society and in all dimensions of health. As a result, the Y and its partners have the opportunity to drive real and needed change in an increasingly fractured society.

Baltimore's health depends on our collective investment and faith in the children and families who live and work in our city every day. We invite like-minded, forward thinking  individuals and institutions to join our Baltimore City Mission Expansion Campaign and advance the significant progress made to date.

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Interested parties should please contact Jeff Sprinkle, Chief Philanthropy Officer, at or call 410-596-4358.