Register for Camp at the Y in Arnold

During your initial registration, you must accept a waiver stating that you agree to be charged a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee (per camper). The fee will be added to your Y account and charged to the credit card used at the time of registration. Please Note: If you register for additional camp weeks at a later date, the waiver will reappear and must be accepted, however you will not be charged an additional registration fee.

Once you've completed your initial registration, you will be emailed a link to our new camp paperwork system, PlayerSpace. Use this link to create your PlayerSpace account and complete all required health and medical forms and our 2021 camp packet. Campers cannot be admitted to camp without this information.

If you are not a returning camp family or Y member, you will need to set up an online account prior to registering. Please follow the 'create an account' instructions that will appear during the registration process. If you need assistance setting up or accessing your online account, please contact or call or stop by your nearest Y center. We're happy to help!


Register early to hold your child's spot and lock in last year's camp rates, plus get added savings!

FEB. 16: Early Bird Special Begins - Open Registration for All

  • Get 5% off our 2020 camp rates for all camps- a savings of up to $214 per camper!
  • Get 75% off the registration fee
  • Use promo code EARLYBIRD2021 to save

SIBLING DISCOUNTS are available when two or more siblings are registered for the same weeks of camp. Get 2% off all camps with promo code SIBLING2020. Not valid on transportation fees.

The registration fee is a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferable per camper fee. The amount of the fee is based on the date of your initial registration:

  • $0 for Y Members
  • Jan 11 - Mar 15: $15 fee
  • Mar 16 - Apr 15: $30 fee
  • Apr 16 - May 15: $45 fee
  • May 16 - Aug 31: $60 fee

On average, Y members save $55 per week on Y Camp with our member camp rate. Learn more about Y membership and JOIN ONLINE TODAY



6/21-6/25 6/28-7/2 7/5-7/9 7/12-7/16 7/19-7/23
7/26-7/30 8/2-8/6 8/9-8/13 8/16-8/20 8/23-8/27


NEW: 2021 Summer Magic Preschool Camp Experience (entering grades PreK-1) 

Weeks 1-9

Our Summer Magic camp is specifically designed for our littlest "big kids"! Young campers will have fun with age-appropriate games and activities, arts & crafts, camp songs, and more. Summer Magic camp takes place in its own dedicated space where young campers can learn, make friends, and experience the magic of summer together. Plus, swim lessons are included! Activities may vary by location.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $236/wk Open Rate - $298/wk

Traditional Day Camp (entering grades K-6)

Weeks 1-10

Y camp at the Y in Arnold offers outdoor fun in the sun! Campers will enjoy a multitude of exciting games and activities that will quickly become their favorites including water games, camp songs, arts & crafts, daily camp rallies, science experiments, sports & games, Fit 'N Fun, camp challenges, swimming, theme days, camp "holidays", journaling, character development, camp spirit traditions, and more! Canopies, pavilions and other structures provide shady spaces. Activities vary by location.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $221/wk Open Rate - $283/wk



Traditional Day Camp add-ons are daily activity choices that can be added to your traditional camp day. All skill levels welcome. When registering for camp add-ons, you must select the traditional camp week that includes the name of the add-on you want to sign up for. For example, "Week 5 Traditional Camp with Rock Wall Add-on". The add-on rates are in addition to the Traditional Day Camp rate.


2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: MEMBER RATE - $55/wk OPEN RATE - $100/wk



2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: MEMBER RATE - $55/wk OPEN RATE - $100/wk


Specialty Camps (entering grades 1-6)

Crack the Code: Week 8

Learn the elements of forensic science to solve mysteries. With a crime solving partner, decipher codes and encrypted messages, strategically use invisible ink, solve puzzles and more. Use what you've learned and work together to crack the code and escape before time runs out!

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $276/wk Open Rate - $325/wk


Solar System Science: Week 4

Explore the solar system and beyond! Learn about the universe around us and enjoy some fictional fun too!

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $276/wk Open Rate - $325/wk


Construction Zone: Weeks 1 &  9

Learn the different phases of construction from planning to building. Work in teams using camp materials to design and assemble your own structure.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $276/wk Open Rate - $325/wk


Fun-gineering: Weeks 2 & 7

Campers will explore engineering-related strategies based on creativity and fun! Enjoy hands-on projects you'll want to try at home. Includes a trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry and/or activities with a special on-site guest.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $311/wk Open Rate - $360/wk


Creatures and Critters: Week 5

Join us for a week of everything animals! Learn about creatures big and small, make toys for local animal shelters, and learn the essentials of proper animal care. Includes a trip to Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and/or activities with a special on-site guest.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $311/wk Open Rate - $360/wk


Art Mix: Week 1,Week 6

Create art that is personal and expressive as you learn drawing, printing, sculpting, collage, and mixed media techniques. Includes a trip to the American Visionary Art Museum and/or activities with a special on-site guest.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $311/wk Open Rate - $360/wk


Paint & Pottery: Week 4

Learn new painting styles by imitating some of the greatest artists in the world. Explore finger painting, water colors, acrylics, and more advanced styles.

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $276/wk Open Rate - $325/wk


Showstopper: Week 8

Dance, movement, music, and sing-alongs. This performance camp will help campers build confidence and express themselves in new ways. Have fun discovering your love for the performing arts and a flare for the spotlight!

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $237/wk Open Rate - $289/wk


Sports of All Sports: Weeks 1-3, 5-8

Basketball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, flag football, and more. Learn body mechanics through a wide range of sports with a focus on fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun!

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21: Member Rate - $237/wk Open Rate - $289/wk

Teen Leadership Program (entering grades 9-12)

Counselor In Training (CIT): Weeks 1-10

Our Counselor in Training program is designed to help teens develop leadership, character and the skills needed to work with youth. Participants must apply for the CIT program and are selected through an interview process. Teens must attend a required CIT Training Academy before the start of camp. Once you register for the Training Academy, you will receive a confirmation email with your CIT application packet. Once we receive and review your completed application, you will be notified if you were selected. If selected, teens must participate in a minimum of two weeks of CIT camp. The deadline to register for the Training Academy is May 1st. The deadline to submit your application is May 8th. For more information, please contact

2020 RATES THRU 3/31/21:    
CIT Training Academy (one-time fee) Member Rate - $160 Open Rate - $195
CIT DAY CAMP Member Rate - $10/wk Open Rate - $15/wk


*Rates include non-refundable deposit