Monday Mission Update - 2021.09.20

This week kicks off Coordinators Appreciation Week across the country, and at the Y, that means shining a bright light on the incredible work of our Community School Coordinators and Directors. These talented Y associates go above and beyond to support over 17,000 students and their families across Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  This morning, I was delighted to attend a special Community School Coordinators Appreciation Breakfast, held at the Y in Druid Hill.  Just a few minutes with that group gives me a ton of confidence in their capacity to make significant things happen in communities across the city and county.

The Y in Central Maryland is a leader locally and nationally in Community Schools work, reflecting our commitment to help all families have equitable access to the resources and supports their children need to thrive. Working with principals, families and other community stakeholders, our Community School Coordinators and Directors facilitate invaluable supports for 41 elementary, middle and high schools located in areas of concentrated poverty. Y associates identify and coordinate access to food, clothing, school supplies, and other fundamental resources that allow students to focus on their education without being held back by the inequitable barriers created by poverty.
Charmayne Turner, our VP of Youth Development responsible for this work (and so much more!), is undoubtedly one of the leading experts on Community Schools anywhere in the country.  She worked in Baltimore City Public Schools when it was launched over 15 years ago, and has led our Y’s continued expansion of this work for years.  She is sought out by Ys across the country who are considering getting into Community Schools work, and understandably so.  Charmayne has built a team deeply committed to material improvements in the lives of children, youth and families who struggle on a daily basis simply to be seen and heard. I am extremely proud of her leadership, commitment and growth, and that of our Y’s entire Community Schools team.

Please join me in thanking them for fostering an environment of support delivered with compassion, brilliance and perseverance.

All the best,

John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland