Find the Perfect Y Camp for Your Child

Find the Perfect Y Camp for Your Child

Use this Camp Compass to find what could be the perfect Y Camp program for your child this summer!

Looking to find the perfect camp experience for your child this
summer? Use our handy Camp Compass to navigate your options and
maximize your Y Camp experience!

It’s easy...

Just circle (or write down) the number in the box that best fits your child’s desired camp experience for grade level, camp setting and camp activities. 

Then, tally up your numbers to get your score. Your score will tell you which camp may be the best fit for your child: Summer Fun Traditional Day Camp, Summer Unplugged Traditional Day Camp, Nature’s Wonder Traditional Day Camp, Outdoor Adventure Day Camp, or our Ultimate Overnight Camp Experience. 

Once you’ve identified your best camp experience, use the compass guide to find a location that’s most convenient for you. 

Lastly, head on over to to register!

Click the image below to get started.

Y Camp Compass
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