We want to make sure every Y visit is a pleasant and safe one. Below is some information you need to know prior to coming to the Y.  For complete details on all of our Y family center policies and guidelines, please refer to our ONLINE MEMBER HANDBOOK.


Guest Policy

Each membership unit receives five complimentary guest passes per calendar year to share the Y experience with friends and family. Additional guest passes are not available for purchase. All guests must be accompanied by a Y member. A per visit fee to access the Y is not available.

All Y centers have guest hours and may restrict guest usage to ensure the safety and comfort of our members. We highly encourage members to contact the Y prior to visiting with a guest to ask about guest restrictions due to demand on the facility.


Pool Youth Age Policy

Swimmers of any age may be asked to take a swim test in order to use the pool. See Swim Test below.

  • Anyone who has a red necklace based on their swim test results must wear a US Coast Guard approved personal floatation device and have an actively engaged adult in the water within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Ages 7 and under must always be supervised by a legal guardian who is in the water with them.
  • Ages 8-9 must always be directly supervised by a legal guardian on the pool deck (pending swim test results).
  • Ages 10-12 are permitted in the pool area, however a legal guardian must remain in the Y family center at all times (pending swim test results).
  • Ages 13 and over are permitted in the pool without adult supervision (pending swim test results).


Swim Test

Anyone under age 17 who wishes to swim in our pools must take a swim test to determine their swimming eligibility. Once a swimmer performs the test, they are issued an appropriate color necklace which determines where they are allowed to swim in the pool. Necklaces are checked at the membership desk as participants enter the Y family center. Y reserves the right to swim test anyone at any time.

  • Swim 15 yards
  • Lean back allowing your feet to rise off the bottom of the pool; return to a standing position
  • Jump feet first into water that is over your head and return to the surface
  • Tread water for 30 seconds

Upon successful completion, you will receive a yellow necklace. If you are unable to pass the shallow water test, you will be given a red necklace. You may still get in the pool with a red necklace, provided you wear a Coast Guard-approved life vest and have a legal guardian in the water within arm’s reach at all times.

  • Swim one length (25 yards) using any stroke without stopping and without swimming entirely underwater
  • Tread water for 1 minute without touching any surface (walls, stairs, lap lines, etc.)
  • Jump feet first into water that is over your head and return to the surface
  • Perform a back float

Upon successful completion, you will receive a green necklace. If you are unable to pass the deep water test, you can not swim in water above armpit level.


Text Alerts

Unplanned cancellations, closings and delays are announced via our text alert system. We strongly recommend that all Y members sign up for text alerts. You can sign up for alerts that impact an entire Center or a specific program. Set your alert preferences at YMARYLAND.ORG/YMDALERTS.

Please Note: During inclement weather, our pools and pool decks close for thunder and lightning until 30 minutes after the last occurrence. This policy is enacted if thunder and lightning is detected within 6 miles of our indoor pools or 8 miles of our outdoor pools. Y family centers will not send text alerts for weather-related pool closings. Please call your Y family center for the most accurate information regarding pool closings when inclement weather is in the area.