The partial list of policies below help ensure that everyone who enters our center has a positive Y experience. For full details and policies, please refer to our member handbook.


Guest Policy (partial)

The Y extends our member services to current members who want to bring a guest. All centers have guest hours and may on occasion restrict guest usage to ensure the safety and comfort of our current members. We highly encourage members to contact the Y prior to visiting with a guest to check hours and make sure there are no restrictions in place. Guests under age 18 must have a parent/guardian sign them in on their first visit. Guests under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during their visit.

  • One complimentary visit per person, per year (Jan 1—Dec 31) when accompanied by a current member
  • Additional visit (or visits without a current member) $10 per person, per visit



If a fee-based class is cancelled by the Y, a proportionate credit will be applied to your Y account. For full policy information, please see page 18 of the Member Handbook.


Fitness Center Youth Age Policy (partial)

  • Children age 7 and under are welcome to use many areas of the center with direct supervision by an adult, but for safety reasons, they are not permitted in the fitness center. 
  • Children age 8 - 12 are welcome to use the cardio equipment, provided they complete the Kids Cardio class (indicated by a yellow wristband); are directly supervised by a parent/guardian, equipment fits properly and the child meets the following height requirements: treadmill and rower: 52"; Keiser bike: 59"; all other cardio equipment: 58"
  • Youth age 13 - 15 may use the cardio and strength equipment (but not free weights), provided they have taken the Teen Quest training class (indicated by a blue wristband). If the class has not been taken, only cardio equipment may be used after completion of the Kids Cardio class (indicated by a yellow wristband) and proper fit of the equipment is met. The child must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian.
  • Youth age 16 and up have no restrictions (aside from behavior).


Pool Youth Age Policy (partial)

Children age 7 and under must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian who is actively engaged in the water with them and follow swim test guidelines.Children age 8 - 9 must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian who is on the pool deck and follow swim test guidelines.

  • Youth age 10 - 12 may be in the pool without a parent/guardian, but must follow swim test guidelines and parent/guardian must remain in the center.
  • Youth age 13 and up may be in the pool without a parent/guardian, but must follow swim test guidelines.


Open Swim Test (partial)

Shallow Water Test (for anyone under age 17 in the pool)

To Pass:

  • the water is at or below armpit level and
  • you can stand with both feet flat on the bottom of the pool and
  • you can right yourself after you have leaned backwards lifting both feet off the bottom of the pool and come back to a standing position with both feet flat on the bottom of the pool

If you do not pass the shallow water test, you can still get in the water if you wear a coast guard approved life vest (available at the Y) and you have a parent within arm's reach.

Deep Water Test (for anyone under age 17 swimming in water above armpit level)

To Pass:

  • the water is above your head as you jump in the deep end and (this line was moved to the top)
  • you can swim 25 yards without stopping at any point and
  • you can tread water for 1 minute without touching any surfaces and
  • you are able to perform a back float


Stay & Play Policy (partial)

Stay & Play is an added-value benefit to those with a Y in Central Maryland family membership. It provides a safe, enriching environment for children ages six weeks to 10 years, while parents exercise to achieve their health and wellness goals. When parents are in the center, children are fully engaged in themed activities, including arts & crafts, music and movement, and fun discovery and learning. 

  • Please show photo ID and swipe your membership card when signing your child into Stay & Play.
  • Please ensure that the parent who signs the child into Stay & Play is the same parent to pick them up/sign them out. 


Inclement Weather Policy

All unplanned closings, delays and cancellation announcements will be made via our text alert system. We strongly recommend that all Y members sign up for text alerts. You can sign up for alerts that impact an entire Center or a specific program. Set your alert preferences at


These announcements will also be posted on your Y’s Facebook page.