To protect the health and safety of all children, parents and Y associates, all Y Preschools are strictly adhering to all health and safety protocols recommended by the Maryland State Department of Health. This includes:

  • Limiting group sizes and spaces to one group per space
  • Propping doors open where appropriate and reducing the need to touch or open/close doors
  • Continuous cleaning throughout the day with CDC approved disinfectant
  • Hand washing by Y associates and children every 45 minutes and between activities
  • Daily temperature checks for children and Y associates
  • Requiring all Y associates in the building to wear personal protective equipment
  • Training all Y associates so they are fully prepared to welcome and care for children and families in a manner that is consistent with our many new health and safety protocols

We are also using antimicrobial foggers (widely used by the airline industry to kill bacteria and viruses) as an added layer of protection.

Our preschools are continuously spot cleaned throughout the day using CDC approved disinfectant, cleaning supplies and practices. We also use an EPA approved disinfectant for all bathrooms and floors and use a bleach water mixture for all solid surfaces and toys. The preschools are also thoroughly cleaned between each shift.



The PRESCHOOL FAMILY HANDBOOK contains very important information regarding program procedures, policies and expectations. It is provided to each new family at the time of enrollment. All parents are responsible for understanding and following the handbook policies and procedures.



All parents must sign their child in and out every day. When dropping your child off, please walk your child to their classroom and put their belongings in their cubby. When picking your child up, please check your child’s mailbox and cubby for any special projects, notes from the teacher and important announcements.



All Y Preschool centers have an emergency preparedness plan. We have local and non-local evacuation plans, as well as shelter in place (lockdown) plans. Drills are regularly implemented to practice our emergency routines for fire; weather emergencies (tornado); chemical emergencies (local chemical spill); criminal activity in the area; and other situations. 



If the local school district is either delayed or closed, the preschool center will open at 8:00am, unless the Y in Central Maryland determines the weather and road conditions are such that either a later opening or a closing would be necessary to ensure the safety of our families and associates. If the Y decides to open after 8:00am or close the preschool center for the day, an announcement will be made on our Facebook page and via email prior to 7:30am.

If the local school district announces an early closing, the preschool center will remain open for normal business hours, unless the Y in Central Maryland decides otherwise. You will be notified via email if it is determined that we need to close early.

Parents should check for updates regarding weather-related closings on their email and on our Preschool Facebook page and/or Y Facebook page. If an association-wide closing is necessary, it will be posted on local TV stations and on ymaryland.org.