Preparing for Camp

We are pleased to share that many Y summer camps will open June 22nd as planned!

The information on this page will tell you:

  • What we are doing to plan a healthy and safe camp experience for your child
  • Specific camps that have been canceled due to new restrictions by the state and health department
  • What you can expect when camp opens this summer - CLICK TO JUMP TO THIS SECTION NOW 

Rest assured, campers will engage in a variety of activities throughout the day including: art, science, nature, journaling, Chatter that Matters, Friendship Fires, games, sports, fitness, healthy eating habits, and much more. They will have fun, get exercise, and feel well-cared for -- as always!

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new terrain and we look forward to welcoming your family to Y Camp this summer!



We will rigorously follow all guidelines and do everything we can to protect the safety of children, parents, and our Y camp team. Over the past several months, we have gained valuable experience through our work providing emergency care for more than 500 children of essential personnel at 17 Y sites across the region. When we open Y Camp, that experience managing children safely under the new guidelines will be put to good use. 

Please rest assured Y camp will operate following requirements and camp guidelines from the CDC, the Maryland Department of Health, and the American Camp Association (ACA), through which we are accredited.

We also want to share that as nationwide leaders in camping, the Y and the ACA were recently invited to unveil a field guide on how to implement CDC camp recommendations on the Today Show. The discussion on the Today Show includes the observation that camp is a good place for children to practice social distancing and other safe habits outdoors, before returning to school. We agree.




To comply with new restrictions regarding the operation of youth outdoor camps in the State of Maryland, we must make operational changes to ensure the health and safety of all. In doing so, we are saddened to share that we must cancel some of our camps. 

Families who are impacted by these cancellations have been notified of their options via email. If you have any questions, please contact

  • The Y in Parkville (Baltimore County)
  • The Y in Druid Hill (Baltimore City)
  • The Highlands School (Harford County) 

Indoor camps are not permitted this summer.

Please Note: St. John's Parish Day School in Howard County was originally intended to be an indoor camp. Fortunately, there is enough outdoor space at this location that we have been able to change it to an outdoor camp.

  • Swim Lessons
  • Rock Wall
  • Sports

Camp add-ons are when campers leave their main group for a portion of the day and join an add-on activity with other campers. New restrictions do not permit us to combine campers from different groups.

  • Camp Hashawha (Carroll County)
  • Puh'tok in the Pines (Baltimore County)
  • Camp Spencer (Harford County)

Overnight camps are not peritted this summer.

Please Note: Our day camps at Spencer and Puh'tok are still running.

  • Explorers
  • Adventurers
  • Grand Adventurers 

These camps are canceled as we cannot ensure proper safety measures when traveling off-site.

Pre-camp Fun Days are canceled as all camp-related programming will begin on June 22nd. 





  • Pre-camp health questionnaires and daily temperature checks will be implemented to reduce the risk of an ill camper or associate entering the program.
  • We are planning for staggered arrival and departure times to minimize the number of families waiting around the parent area. Face masks will be required for parents and campers at those times.
  • Each camp is working on a drive-through drop-off and pick-up plan that will improve arrival and departure times. We will communicate these plans and help families acclimate to this new environment.
  • Upon arrival, campers will immediately go into their assigned group for the day (averaging 1:8 ratio).
  • Our associates will have required enhanced health procedural training and they will be prepared to train campers on how to do them as well. 
  • Camp associates will wear face masks and when required, use gloves (in food handling and first aid).
  • In some instances, such as Y Camp bus/shuttle transportation, campers over the age of 9 will be required to wear face masks.
  • Typically groups come together for larger group activities such as opening and closing daily rallies, lunch, games, swimming, and sports. We are currently planning for everyone to stay in their smaller groups for all activities, minimizing exposure to other campers.
  • Additional handwashing stations will be available. Campers will wash hands between each activity and use of equipment.
  • Equipment, tables, and other items used by campers will be sanitized between each activity use.
  • Stay home if your child or anyone in your home is feeling ill and please follow public health guidelines about when it is safe to return.
  • Follow social distancing and all required health policies while at the Y.
  • Wash your hands (and your child’s hands) regularly and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds).
  • Help your child understand the importance of using a tissue to catch a sneeze or cough. Quickly and safely discard it in the trash and thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Please support and be patient with our camp team as they work to keep everyone safe.

Increased signage will help enforce social distancing, improve traffic flow, and remind everyone of enhanced health procedures like handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and increased sanitization.

Camps will have a smaller capacity overall as we reduce the number of campers in any given activity or space to less than 10.

Some activity restrictions will be in effect (swimming and rock wall, for example). These will resume as the state allows and we can safely provide them.

  • Due to new restrictions, we must run primarily outdoor camps this summer, with limited or no indoor time. This impacts our ability to bring campers indoors if inclement weather should arise. If this occurs, parents may need to pick up their child. 

    As always, pavilions, tents, and other structures will be in full use for fun in the shade. Water games will also be in full swing! Please be sure to pack sunscreen and a water bottle every day. 
  • Campers under the age of 5 and/or with underlying health concerns will be required to have a doctor's note clearing them to participate in camp.
  • Campers who live outside the state of Maryland will not be able to attend a Maryland camp.