Traditional Day Camp add-ons are daily activity choices that can be added to your traditional camp day experience. Camp add-ons are only available to campers entering grades 1-6 who are participating in Traditional Day Camp.

When registering for camp add-ons, you must select the traditional camp week that includes the name of the add-on you want to sign up for. For example, "Week 5 Traditional Camp with Rock Wall Add-on".

Types of Traditional Day Camp Add-Ons

Add-on rates are in addition to the Traditional Day Camp rates.

Sports Add-On

Show some love for your favorite sport! Register for these Traditional Camp add-ons and improve your skills while having fun! Sports add-ons are designed to teach sports skills, fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship. All skill levels welcome.

  • SOCCER: Improve your soccer skills with drills and games.
  • BASKETBALL: Improve your basketball skills including dribbling, passing and shooting.
  • FLAG FOOTBALL: Rotate through stations as you work on football skills and conditioning.
  • SPORTS MIX: Enjoy a mashup of all your favorites including soccer, basketball, flag football, and more.
2019 Sports Add-On Rates*  
Member Rate: $29/week Program Rate: $54/week


Swim Lesson Add-On

We believe learning how to swim and being safe in the water go hand-in-hand. This Traditional Camp add-on covers both! Campers receive swim lesson instruction by a certified instructor. Skill check cards and progress feedback will be given at the end of each week.

2019 Swim Lesson Add-On Rates*  
Member Rate: $55/week Program Rate: $100/week


Dance Add-On

You'll be able to command the dance floor after taking this Traditional Camp add-on! Get your body moving and your toes tapping with new steps, new styles and new friends.

2019 Dance Add-On Rates*  
Member Rate: $55/week Program Rate: $100/week


Rock Wall Add-On

If you’re a thrill seeker or you just love a good challenge, this Traditional Camp add-on is right for you! Learn basic climbing techniques while being challenged with drills and games. We focus on safety and proper climbing skills. 

2019 Rock Wall Add-On Rates*  
Member Rate: $55/week Program Rate: $100/week


*Rates include non-refundable deposit