Y personal trainers are certified fitness professionals who are friendly, understanding, approachable and realistic. They specialize in a variety of training styles and methods to meet your needs, all of which can be tailored specifically for you!

There are over 50 trainers in the Y in Central Maryland. To meet the trainers at your local Y, click the appropriate link below.







Y personal trainers are certified fitness professionals who are experts at working with you to build an effective health and wellness routine that meets your needs. Our trainers provide that little nudge that holds you accountable to yourself. As we like to say, a Y personal trainer is your coach...motivator...teacher...cheerleader...friend!

Y Personal Trainers specialize in a variety of training styles, including:

  • Sport-specific personal training (i.e. football, running, etc.)
  • Injury recovery personal training
  • Personal training for medical conditions
  • Personal training for seniors
  • Personal training for youth
  • General personal training

Styles vary by trainer and location.

There are several benefits to personal training. Here are just a few.


If you’re not seeing the results you want, it always seems easier to throw in the towel. With a trainer by your side, you’ll have a certified, experienced guide to motivate you through all the ups and downs of physical fitness, making sure you meet your goals.


Your body can adapt to a workout routine in 4 to 6 weeks. Exercises that were effective a month ago may not be today. A personal trainer will provide a variety of options to keep your spirit, mind and body challenged. Change

Boredom is one of the top reasons people stray from their workout routine. A personal trainer will not only notice the early warning signs of burnout, but can provide new challenges to keep your mind interested and your body engaged.


Even if you’re 100% dedicated to physical fitness, doing exercises incorrectly can lead to injury and disappointing results. All of our personal trainers have gone through rigorous exercise and safety certifications to be sure that your program is not only effective, but safe.


The temptation is always strong to sleep in or go home early rather than workout—unless you know someone is at the gym waiting for you. By simply being there at a designated time each day, your personal trainer gives you the extra push you need to meet your personal fitness goals.

Our trainers want to motivate you today! Check out these trainer tips and put them to use. Get more tips on our Y Personal Training Pinterest page.

Small group training is ideal for those who prefer a group exercise environment but still want the individualized attention they need to meet and exceed their specific fitness goals. You don't have to form your own small group to exercise, just sign up for one of ours! All programs are led by certified personal trainers.

Most Y Centers offer small group training programs. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can sign up online or in person - no need to speak with a personal trainer beforehand! For a current list and to register for small group training, do the following:

  1. Click the purple button to the right or the "Program Registration" link at the top of the website.
  2. In the gray Keyword Search box, type in "Small Group Training" and hit "Search".
  3. Select "Small Group Training" and select the program you're interested in.

There are three key benefits to small group training:

  • Training with a small group of people helps increase motivation, performance and enjoyment
  • Ability to divide the cost of a personal trainer with others
  • Only 6-8 people in a program

Any one of these is reason enough to get started today! For a current list and to register for small group training, do the following:

  1. Click the purple button to the right or the "Program Registration" link at the top of the website.
  2. In the gray Keyword Search box, type in "Small Group Training" and hit "Search".
  3. Select "Small Group Training" and select the program you're interested in.

Small group training programs are 30-, 45-, or 60-minute programs that combine the energy of group exercise with the individual attention of personal training. For a current list and to register for small group trianing, do the following:

  1. Click the purple button to the right or the "Program Registration" link at the top of the website.
  2. In the gray Keyword Search box, type in "Small Group Training" and hit "Search".
  3. Select "Small Group Training" and click on the program you're interested in.

A partial list of small group training programs are below. Programs vary by location. Please Note: Y Centers may also offer various freestyle-type small group trianing programs that can include any or all components of strength, functional trianing, high intensity interval training, cardio, or other specialties.


LES MILLS GRIT® is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout designed with short rounds of high-intensity exercise followed by periods of strategic recovery. All fitness levels welcome.


TRX® is a total body workout that activates all of your muscles at once to build strength, mobility and endurance. All fitness levels welcome.

Women on Weights

A small group training program for women. Learn how to use weights to maximize your exercise regimen and target specific muscle groups. Focus on proper weightlifting, form and execution to achieve specific strength and power goals. Class will utilize but not be limited to free weights, body weight, kettle bells and many other tools to provide confidence and mastery of safe weight training.


Program will focus on use of Total Gym Gravity trainers. Involves total body resistance exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using your natural body weight. All fitness levels welcome.

Rise & Grind

Start your day the right way! This moderate intensity program is designed to safely introduce participants to the latest functional training methods utilizing equipment to help improve strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness. All fitness levels welcome.

Small group trianing rates are based on the length of each individual program and how many times it's offered in a session. For example, a 30-minute TRX program that is offered eight times in a 4-week session will cost $80 ($10 per program x 8 offerings). Sessions can be four, six or eight weeks long.


  • 30-minute program: $10 per offering
  • 45-minute program: $15 per offering
  • 60-minute program: $20 per offering

*Small group training rates are applied to the full program session. Sessions and rates can not be altered based on your availability.

Some Y Centers offer a drop-in option for small group training. Drop-in is a good option if you want to try a program to see if it's right for you before you register.


  • 30-minute program: $15 per drop-in
  • 45-minute program: $20 per drop-in
  • 60-minute program: $25 per drop-in

Y FitQuest, powered by ActivTrax, is a personalized fitness program designed to meet your specific fitness needs and is included in Y membership at no additional cost.

Our trained Y Fitness Coaches will teach, guide, motivate and give you the personal attention you need to successfully reach your wellness goals. With exercise programs custom tailored to fit your needs, FitQuest has something for everyone, all ages and fitness levels. Use FitQuest's online tools at home, at work, or at the Y.

How does FitQuest work?

  • A Y Fitness Coach will meet with you to create tailored workouts based on your goals, strengths and abilities.
  • Each time you log in, you'll receive a new, customized workout that provides you with a variety of exercises.
  • You can keep your nutrition on a healthy track through our online weight management tool.
  • You can also link most wearable devices to your FitQuest account and track your activity automatically.
  • You can meet with a Y Fitness Coach up to four times over a 12-week period to make sure you're successfully setting and reaching your wellness goals.

Appointments are available for FitQuest setup, nutrition and program review. Call or stop by the Welcome Desk at your Y to schedule your initial appointment. If you have any questions, contact us, stop by the Welcome Desk or see a Y Fitness Coach (any Y associate on the fitness floor) at your Center.

Use the fields below to login to Y FitQuest, powered by ActivTrax to see your personal fitness plan.

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Since you may be new to the FitQuest powered by ActivTrax tool, we recommend you visit the Help menu where you'll find an option for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a Glossary:

  • For tips on how to use ActivTrax, such as how to change your exercise weights, perform exercises properly, remove exercises from your workout, how to record outside activity and more, check out the FAQs.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with a term used in your workout or anywhere within the ActivTrax tool, you’ll want to review the Glossary.