Camp Whippoorwill

Camp Whippoorwill Sessions

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
6/17-6/21 6/24-6/28 7/1-7/5 7/8-7/12 7/15-7/19
Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
7/22-7/26 7/29-8/2 8/5-8/9 8/12-8/16 8/19-8/23

Traditional Day Camp (campers entering grades K-6)

Traditional Day Camp: Weeks 1-10

Traditional Day Camp provides really fun experiences for campers through a wide range of activities including water games, camp songs, arts & crafts, daily camp rallies, science experiments, sports & games, Fit 'N Fun, camp challenges, swimming, theme days, camp "holidays", journaling, character development, camp spirit traditions, and more! Traditional day camp at the Y in Pasadena also includes swim lessons.

Camp Groups

  • Buccaneers: Entering Grade K (age 5)
  • Pioneers: Entering Grades 1 – 3 (ages 6-8)
  • Rangers: Entering Grades 4 – 6 (ages 9-11)
Member Rate: $215/week Program Rate: $273/week

Full Day Specialty Camps (campers entering grades 1-6)

Science: Animals A to Zoo, Week 4

Learn about creatures big and small, dissect owl pellets, make toys for local animal shelters, and learn the essentials to caring for animals. The week includes a trip to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Member Rate: $296/week Program Rate: $345/week

Science: Farm to Table, Week 9

Learn where food comes from and how it grows, investigate the science behind what happens in your kitchen, learn how to use fresh herbs and spices for healthy cooking, and visit a local farm to see how animals, farm lands and greenhouses all help produce our food.

Member Rate: $296/week Program Rate: $345/week

Science: Fun-gineering, Week 7

We're moving full STEAM ahead (get it - Science Technology Engineering Art Math) with hands-on projects and activities you'll want to try at home!

Member Rate: $261/week Program Rate: $310/week

Science: Science Magic, Week 2

To the untrained eye, advanced science can often look magical. Experiment with science that will dazzle your friends and learn a card trick or two along the way!

Member Rate: $261/week Program Rate: $310/week

Science: Spy School, Week 1

With a crime solving partner, you'll create letters using invisible ink, decode ciphered messages and solve puzzles. Can you use clues to solve the mystery and escape before time runs out?

Member Rate: $261/week Program Rate: $310/week

Creative Art: Art Mix, Weeks 3 & 8

Dabble in a little bit of everything as you learn new drawing, printing, sculpting, collage and mixed media techniques everyday!

Member Rate: $261/week Program Rate: $310/week

Creative Art: Paint & Pottery, Week 6

Start with basic finger painting and move onto water colors, acrylics and more advanced styles. Finish the week with a paint-your-own pottery experience.

Member Rate: $296/week Program Rate: $345/week




Enjoy all the highlights of traditional day camp, plus travel off-site twice a week to local destinations like the movies, bowling, skating, mini golf, museums, and more!

Member Rate: $246/week Program Rate: $304/week


Travel off-site three days a week to destinations like laser tag, mini golf, ice cream factories, water parks, museum tours, local state parks, community service projects, and more.

Member Rate: $275/week Program Rate: $328/week